Light-Deprivation Greenhouse Allows Recreational Cannabis Growers to Save Thousands on Electrical Costs

December 14 19:07 2017

USA Recreational cannabis growers now benefit from the newest type of grow-house on the market—light deprivation greenhouse. The greenhouse structure eliminates the need of spending thousands on lights and AC units for the structure, which helps lower the electrical expenses while increasing the greenhouse-owners profit margins when compared to a fixed-structure. 

“We offer assistance to farmers who want to become successful in the cannabis and hemp industry. We do it by working with companies who supply greenhouses. For clarification, we do not supply the greenhouse or the construction work,” Discount Pharms spokesperson said.

Discount Pharms is a collective of wholesale cannabis affiliates – from growers, THC & CBD processors, cannabis trim equipment rentals, including discounted greenhouse manufacturers. Discount Pharms helps clients find the right greenhouse contractor appropriate for the clients needs. Through the effort of this network organization, you’ll avoid a big fall-off that other growers experience.

According to Discount Pharms, recreational farms that incorporate the light deprivation greenhouse into their grow-routine can reap the following benefits plus many more:

  • More affordable than the fixed structure

  • Quick set up, easy takedown

  • Reduced electrical cost due to low number of lights needed

  • Controllable light cycles for maximum yield

  • Competing with indoor-grows

“There are various fully automated light deprivation greenhouses today. We’re here to guide you on the type of structure to be built on your property,” the spokesperson said.

Discount Pharms also helps farms plan the growth of cannabis process from start to end. The network organization provides information to avoid future problems such as not enough space for the product to dry or to store. It also informs farms in avoiding the possible existence of bugs and mites that can kill the plants.

The network organization also provides different services including the following:

  • Wholesale Cannabis and Hemp Clones – Offers cannabis and hemp seeds for medical and recreational farms throughout the country.

  • CBD oil, tincture, and edible – Offer CBD Isolate from farm to processor, CBD oil from a processor to retail, and wholesale CBD oils via CO2 and crude.

  • Concentrates – Offers cannabis and CBD concentrate and processing services that extract cannabis or CBD.

  • Equipment rentals – Equipment rentals are available including bud trimmers, CBD trimmers, and extraction machines.

Farms save $1,000 off each Light-Dep Greenhouse today when purchased through Discount Pharms

For more information, send an email to [email protected] or call (541) 204-2220. Discount Pharms is a website that helps cannabis farmers to network with other farmers related to the United States Legal Cannabis Industry. It connects farmers who request clones and suppliers who provide clones. It also connects farmers to greenhouse builders and to suppliers that offer concentrates, CBD, and extraction services.

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