CUA Pools Introduces the World’s First Cloud Pool Controller

December 14 18:45 2017

Denton, Texas – CUA LLC is pleased to announce the release of the first intelligent Cloud Pool Controller, which will save consumers over $1,500 and over 180 hours of labor yearly. The company is planning to launch their new product on Kickstarter on January 30th.

Many homeowners enjoy the use of a pool in their back yard, but most are not too excited about the never-ending chores that go along with pool ownership. Pool controllers have been around for a while, but CUA’s team of software and hardware engineers believe that their new product will revolutionize the industry:

“Our Cloud Pool Controller outdoes the competition by miles,” says company spokesperson Juan Franco. “People are going to love the fact that now their pool will be totally hassle-free. We’ve come up with a cutting-edge product that will not only save them hours of work, but will save them a lot of money, too!”

As with other pool controllers, the system provides remote access to enable control of the variable speed pumps, the valve actuators, chlorinator and heater. But it also offers numerous features that can’t be found elsewhere. For example, its connected sensors allow for cloud-based smart scheduling, allowing the owner to schedule water temperatures in advance. It can also be easily integrated with Smart Home systems.

The CUA Complete and CUA Intelligent models actually monitor PH levels, ORP levels and water temperature 24/7 and send alerts to the user’s phone, tablet or computer in real-time. And they also provide filter pump protection and filter cleaning reminders.

The CUA Kickstarter campaign, starting on January 30th, will offer generous rewards to early backers. To get updates and a free one year extended warranty, visit the website and sign up for the mailing list at

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